Using Informal Learning Instances to identify tacit knowledge (in hospitality workers)

Through a constructivist Grounded Theory approach, supervisors and front-line staff from two different resorts in the northern province of La Union (Philippines) were interviewed. The primary purpose was to help them look back over their hospitality career and identify key informal learning instances that assisted in their career growth. The data was synthesized through three tacit knowledge grids that gave rise to five major informal learning categories: Job skills, Career skills, Communication skills, Customer skills & Interpersonal skills.

Here is an intriguing 10-minute Youtube graphical representation of the Project.

Links to a one-page PDF overview (including citations) of the key findings from each grid:

KEY FINDINGS: Cognitive vs Technical: GRID 1:  KEY FINDINGS-tech-cog

KEY FINDINGS: Group vs Individual: GRID 2:  KEY FINDINGS – ind-group

KEY FINDINGS: Universal vs Context: GRID 3:  KEY FINDINGS – contxt – uni

Please add your thoughts and ideas in the comments section.



PS:  If your interested in subsequent developments to identify/codify tacit knowledge, please feel free to contact me at


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