You might think I am crazy … but I am keenly interested to work with an organization / institution in crisis.


Yes, you read that right.   Put simply, I am looking to help alleviate any organizational / educational nightmares your group may be experiencing. 

I am an Education Management Professional, Canadian, with an M.Ed from Australia who has just completed a social enterprise project in the Philippines.  I am now however, looking abroad for a seemingly insurmountable challenge.

Is your group:


  • Struggling with institutional chaos?
  • Concerned a major project is going off the rails?
  • Realizing the business model is unrealistic?
  • Dealing with a wayward school, dysfunctional staff or an unfocused curriculum?
  • Searching for someone to help you with a shift in organizational behaviour or corporate culture?
  • Facing diversity issues?
  • Needing someone who is solutions focused and is not afraid to ask the hard questions or take responsibility for the hard decisions?

Then please reach out:

A few achievements from the past 25 years:

  • As a Dean, started a private college in Vancouver from scratch. (Yes it is still running strong).
  • Facilitated the curriculum development for six TVET colleges in KSA.
  • Created an online content to assess 20,000+ Filipinos for BPO jobs.
  • Worked in 5 countries and conducted Biz Dev trips to an additional 10.
  • Created 10 welfare-to-work programs (BPO, Stagecraft, chef training, career prep, etc.) in a few different countries.
  • Taught (Biz, OB, Hospitality, ESL) to students from over 25 countries.
  • Created thousand plus hours of curriculum (old school, blended & online learning) and assessments for institutions in 10 countries.
  • Completely revamped a Canadian Young Offender program into a more holistic approach.
  • Conducted numerous corporate training staff development gigs throughout South Korea (Samsung, Hyundai, etc.).
  • Honoured to have worked with (and for) peoples from all faiths, cultures and gender orientations.
  • Equally at home in the boardroom, the classroom, the shop floor or the areas of town most people don’t like to go.


I am certainly no superman, and even after all these years still have a few rough edges – but am somewhat fearless and have a strong desire to take on a monumental task.

If seriously interested:



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